Atavist acquired by Automattic, WordPress parent company


Atavist, Brooklyn based tech startup, is being acquired by Automattic, the company that owns, Longreads, WooComerce and many more.

Atavist has been developing a CMS (Content Management System) for writers and bloggers. You can write and publish stories with an Atavist website easily, and with a lot of media.

The company lets you build a subscription base and create a paywall. Despite anyone being able to create a website on, Blogger or Squarespace, this is particularly groundbreaking.

Atavist provides a lot of tools to let let you focus on your story, as many writers don’t want to deal with technicalities of running a website.

The interesting part is, Automattic hinted that the platform will be integrated into wordpress, which means the Atavist CMS won’t stick around. WordPress is probably more solid than Atavist, which could mean that Automattic plans to commence offering paywalls and subscriptions natively.

Its unclear if Atavist Magazine, a publication run by Atavist, is going to be part of Longreads or remain on its own. The publication is also part of the acquisition by Automatic that has made way to invest in startups.

More than 30 percent of the web runs on wordpress. A good number of them being open source instances of wordpress hosted on their own servers. Subscriptions by Automattic is good news to the web. The company could create seamless subscription management of multiple publications. This will lead to better content and less advertising.

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