Free screen replacement for apple watches


A few years back, September 2016, Apple released two tiers of Apple watches. They were the series 1 and series 2. Approximately one year later, series 3 joined the market.

Both series 2 and 3 are not just famous for their dual-core processors and their ability to help one live a healthy life but more because they are hermetically sealed. For that reason, it came as a shock when it was discovered that with the two watches, the edges were starting to crack even when the users had not bumped the smart watches into anything.

According to Apple, only under rare circumstances does the aluminum series 2 and series 3 develop cracks along the rounded edges. Despite this, Apple has accepted that the cracking of the screen display is a discovered issue that was not there before and that it is willing to do replacements of the affected screens for free.

The replacement of the screens has a catch though, apple says that not only will they cover the series 2 and series 3 watches, but also the replacement program will be replacing screens of watches that are no more than 3 years old from their original buying date.

Now the replacement program is the only program that is able to do the fixing and not just any tech geek. Shipping logistics will however have to be inculcated while considering sending back the smart watches. Also the replacement process could take more than 5 days meaning more than 5 days of not having a watch that most of us have come love.

Yes, Apple has accepted to replace broken screens, yes apple has given a time limit and yes, not just any crack on the watches is an immediate guarantee to fixes. It is in times like these, (times when services are rendered freely) that people take advantage and try to come up with all manner of excuses just to experience free services. I would therefore like to add that yes, not all cracks are freely fixable.

The free replacement program is a good act on their part since this clearly shows how much they value customer care and the lengths they are willing go for them. With such an act, Apple restores trust among its users while even attracting prospective customers. Every user of technological gadgets craves the kind of attention that is now being given to series 2 and series 3 users.

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