Instagram’s speculated merger


Late last year Instagram saw the departure of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger its founders who
according to what they said, were going to explore new opportunities. Ever since Instagram
became owned by Facebook, Facebook has been endeavoring to make notable and remarkable
changes to the social app.

Currently, Facebook has come up with a way to incorporate Instagram’s flag-ship along with the
app. It should be noted that the actualization of this incorporation is already in the works and it is
seen in the already existing interoperability between these two. It has also been discovered that
Facebook means to merge IGTV from Instagram together with the popularly known Facebook

It is believed that a feature that is still in the works will be able through toggling of course, have a
switch labeled “make visible on Facebook” that will help users post their videos on IGTV but still
have them viewed on Facebook. Conversely, a user who does not want his or her IGTV videos
viewed on Facebook is at liberty to limit that.

Unfortunately for Instagram, the IGTV App that is found in app stores is not doing well for itself
and thus begs the question, is it really time for Facebook to integrate the two or is Facebook biting
more than it can chew. On the other hand if the said integration becomes a success, I have to say it
is not just the Facebook family that will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Just the other day, an update braced Instagram users with the option for a crop of 1:1 sized
thumbnail that will play the role of a profile cover. Users are also given the option of editing parts
of their videos that they want showcased.

In the event that Instagram allows content creators to share publicly their videos to Facebook, an
engineer by the Jane Manchun Wong says that we are looking at more audience for these creators,
allow for mass sharing of hashtags on IGTV, allow users to upload videos on their phones that are
up to 15 minutes long, and could even push creators to the episodic series scene.

I also believe with the integration, greater job opportunities for new content creators joining the
market will be available, as well as this could raise the standing point of IGTV in Appstores. As we
wait to see if this allegations will be actualized, as avid social media users only hope that the
merger takes place that way, we will be exposed to more information that could be beneficial to us.

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