On September 10, Apple will unveil its next Iphone


Invitations to the next large Apple event just landed everywhere in press mailboxes, confirming
the rumored 10th date of September. Invites for the case set for Steve Jobs Theater on the bright
new Cupertino campus of the company, note that the event is “only through innovation.” After
all, it’s a tiny theater.

The invitation features a swirling multi-color homage to the Apple logo of the 80s, though in a
subtler pastel hue, which can point to fresh colorful hardware.
Of course, the centerpiece of the case will be the iPhone 11, rumored to come in three distinct
flavors: Standard 11 (replacing the XR budget) and two 11 Pro models, respectively, are set to
replace XS and XS Max. The system would mark a kind of fresh strategy for the business that,
along with the remainder of the sector, has struggled with decreasing smartphone revenues.

Offering a lower-price-point flagship could assist Apple appeal to customers offset by rising
prices on high-end units that have regularly outperformed well over $1,000. It could also assist
Apple to sell worldwide smartphones in increasingly significant markets such as China and
India, which are presently number one and two.

A number of new characteristics for the new handsets have been rumored, including a triplecamera array with an ultra-wide lens, a fresh A13 chip, and wireless power sharing at the
Samsung Galaxy series that would fit well with the recent AirPods. Before the holidays, this
being the last large hardware push by Apple, there will surely be much more on the docket as

As soon as I’m done with this post, I’ll be RSVPing, so we’ll see you sharply on the ground at
Cupertino September 10 at 10AM.

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