The new YouTube kids


YouTube brings to the internet the version of the children’s video streaming platform, which is presently
only accessible as a mobile app. The firm announced that it will launch YouTube Kids for the internet by
the end of this week in a post on the YouTube community support forums. Android Police first noticed
the announcement. Along with the internet announcement, YouTube has also revealed another major
update that is already being rolled out for its YouTube Kids platform: a fresh content filter for the
youngest kids among its client base.

Previously, when it came to the age appropriateness of content on YouTube children, parents were able
to pick only two alternatives: younger, 8 and younger, and older, 8‐12. Now, Preschool has a third choice
for ages 4 and under. There is also the earlier accessible Approved Content Only option, which displays
only specifically curated videos and channels from parents.

According to YouTube, both the suggested videos and the search outcomes in YouTube Kids are affected
by the content checks. Since not every video is checked manually, the firm urges parents to block or flag
any inappropriate material so that action can be taken.

YouTube has fought past disputes concerning children, ranging from disturbing videos that try to pass as
children’s material to pedophilia on the YouTube platform. However, the most urgent issue for the
business right now is a coming FTC decision that stems from complaints received as early as 2015. In
addition to the anticipated financial fine for breaking federal data privacy legislation, YouTube is likely to
be required to introduce age constraints for those under the age of 13 attempting to access the site.
YouTube Kids will be a prepared destination when it’s time to redirect those kids off the primary
YouTube page.

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