Huawei Mate 30 set to launch in 19th September


The Huawei Mate 30 announced on Twitter a launch case in Munich, Germany, with a brief teaser video pointing to the camera of the phone as one of its most significant characteristics, unsurprisingly.

Note that the teaser says “series,” which means that at the event Huawei will launch more than one phone, probably the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro.

The predecessor of this phone, the Mate 20 Pro, was one of 2018’s finest phones. It was accompanied by the P30 Pro, which was even better, although it is essential to remember that Huawei sees its Mate series as the real flagship among the smartphones of the company. That implies you can expect this phone to have top-notch specs, which will probably include the company’s fresh Kirin 990 chip, and a quad rear camera (according to leaks).

However, one thing the Mate 30 may not have is Google apps and services pre-installed, including the Google Play store.

If true, it’s going to be an enormous blow to the business. It’s not going to be such a large deal in China— but worldwide, it’s almost unimaginable to have an Android phone without, say, Gmail or Google Maps.

On the 19th, we will find out more. Meanwhile, let’s just remember that by mid-September, we’re going to get fresh iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and LG’s fresh flagship; not a poor month if you’re looking for fresh phones.

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