Skype’s unveiling new features


Skype is best known as a video calling app, and to some extent because its messaging function set has been somewhat underdeveloped.

The firm is working with a series of enhancements to Skype’s chatting characteristics to further differentiate it from competing applications to alter that picture.  One of the most useful new features is support for Message Drafts. Similar to email, any message you type in Skype but don’t submit is saved in a discussion with the “draft” tag attached to it. This way, you can return to the message to complete it and send it later.

Skype also introduces the capacity to bookmark significant messages in another email-inspired addition. To access this option, simply press a notification (on your mobile phone) or right-click (on your desktop), then tap or click “Add Bookmark.” This will add the message for simple retrieval to your bookmarks screen.

Before you send them through texts, you will now also be able to preview pictures, videos and files —a valuable enhancement, but one that is more about playing catch-up to other communication applications than being especially innovative. And if you share a lot of pictures or videos all at once, Skype will now organize them smoothly. Instead of overwhelming recipients with a big collection of pictures, the pictures are clustered in a manner that’s more prevalent to what you’d see on social media.

Skype also rolled out split window assistance for all variants of Windows, Mac and Linux unrelated to the messaging improvements. (Windows 10 support was already available.) Skype, one of the older messaging applications still in use, is no longer the biggest or most common, claiming only 300 million active monthly users compared to, for instance, WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion.

As mentioned above, all the other new characteristics roll out across all Skype platforms outside the extended access to split perspective, the firm claims.

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