President Trump disinterested in Huawei talks


Early this week, in the oval office, the president of the United States of America President Donald Trump spoke to reporters saying that the United States is not willing to hold talks about Huawei. Despite the trade talks with China, Trump still stands firmly with regards to this subject.

The power play that seems to have gone on for far too long seems to have informed Trump’s statement to disapprove any talks with one of the electronic giants in telecommunications.

Recently, U.S.A made a move to have its allies exclude Huawei and pull out of deals with the company to the extent of Huawei not acquiring technology and components from other companies. The other day, the US managed to exclude Huawei from the big 5G transition. With all this, the US cites national security risks.

While speaking to the press, President Trump said, “Huawei is a big concern of our military, of our intelligence agencies, and we are not doing business with Huawei. And we’ll see what happens with respect to China, but Huawei has been not a player that we want to talk about right now.”

However, according President Trump, the brewing information about a growing trade war between the two countries is not true saying that if the ban is lifted a U.S-China deal could easily grow. Only just the other day, deliberations with President       Xi Jinping of the Chinese government were made in a bid to ease the former restrictions ban toward Huawei.

So the damage is done to good relations between china and U.S all in the name of National security a matter that Huawei keeps on saying that U.S has nothing to worry about. It is evident that there is more than meets the eye with Trump’s indecisiveness to not address its issues with the giant telecommunication company but is still hoping for a future U.S-China deal. With trump’s decision to close doors to Huawei talks in the meantime, could that mean that there are still more cards to play up in the U.S’ sleeves? We understand security of a country as large as the United States comes first but is the constant back and forth really worth it? I am all about punishing wrong doers but doesn’t diplomacy call for non-violence ways of resolving such an issue? I personally believe that there is definitely a better way to end this power play laced in what we are calling “trade fight.’

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