Airlines ban all MacBook Pros from checked luggage


Two Australian airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia, are cracking down on all 15-inch Apple MacBook Pros from being transported in the jets’ cargo holds and those in the cabin must be turned off for the duration of the flight. The new rules apply even to MacBook Pros that weren’t subject to a recent recall.

Virgin Australia isn’t taking any chances: it’s banning every single MacBook from being carried in checked baggage. In a notice on its “Dangerous Goods” page, the company doesn’t differentiate by shape, screen size, or the year it was made: all “Apple MacBook’s” can only be brought onto planes in carry-on baggage.

But if you’re flying Qantas, Airways all 15-inch Apple MacBook Pros must be carried in cabin baggage and switched off for flight following a recall notice issued by Apple until further notice as stated by a Qantas spokesperson to ZDNet.

The ban comes after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reminded U.S. airlines in July 2019 that certain 15-inch MacBook Pro models, dating from 2015-2017, should not be allowed on flights. Apple itself recalled the affected models in June, warning that 15-inch Pros sold between September 2015 and February 2017 “contain a battery that may overheat and pose a safety risk.”

Other airlines that have banned the device from being brought on-board flights or in checked-in baggage include Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.

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