Amazon care launched to cater for employees’ healthcare


A pilot healthcare service by Amazon named Amazon Care has taken off. The service is currently only available to Amazon’s employees who are currently operating in Seattle.

The service is offering virtual and in-person care by use of telemedicine by either through remote video and chat, and even an app. It also offers follow-up visits and delivery of prescribed drugs to one’s home or even office.

Amazon care is the brainchild of an initiative that was publicized in 2018 by J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway. The initiative was first put underway to better handle the healthcare necessities of their employees. This move was put underway after the companies realized the need to come up with a solution that was free from profit-making incentives and constraints in order to make the working conditions of their employees much better.

Companies like Apple already took up this move and it now offers; as part of employee compensation and benefit packages; an on-premise and remote healthcare services. Silicon Valley have also put this move into place for their employees too.

Upon taking a look at Amazon Care’s website, one will notice that it provides an in-depth look at the Amazon developed app. The app provides a seamless flow allowing a user to either choose a video or just a text chat, it also provides invoices, diagnosis and even available treatment.

Currently, the care can treat ailments like colds, infections, and minor injuries. It also has the capability to handle precautionary consultations, lab work, immunizations, contraceptives, and STI testing and overall questions.

Not forgetting, last year saw Amazon go out on a limb to also obtain PillPack which is an online pharmacy for about $753 million. Claims of Amazon indulging in consumer health by developing tracking devices that can be put on have sufficed. Allegedly, this move will complement healthcare services together with insurance.

Though the care is limited to Amazon employees of a certain geographical area, it appears that Amazon’s decision to actualize the healthcare idea is definitely a good one. Despite the hospital not covering any advanced diseases, it has at least been able to do what a general hospital would cover on a daily basis. As of now, the service is being offered between 8 AM and 9 PM local time, Monday to Friday while over the weekend is between 8 AM and 6 PM.

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