Android rebranding


Rebranding is changing the corporate image of a company and Android went ahead and rebranded its image for a more global and international look. Sydney Thomashow, Google’s lead for brand and creative for Android mentioned in an interview that Android is indeed a global brand and hence they decided to make a few changes so as to be accessible and inclusive worldwide.

Sydney and her team have been working on a whole new brand identity for Android at the Google New York office. This came as a surprise to its users as Android has maintained the same brand image for over a decade. People assumed that Android did not change its corporate image over the years so as to show a consistent look.

Android has been growing really fast over the last couple of years especially because there was an increase of over two billion users. Therefore they decided to go ahead and rebrand so as to be more inclusive. Its inclusivity includes color, shape and even how the name is written or said.

When rebranding, inclusivity is very key especially if it is a global brand like Android. According to an article written by David Imel, he mentions that there are some people who are colorblind and thus they are not able to interpret certain shades of green correctly. He added that some of Android’s version names were hard to pronounce in some countries and hence it became a necessity for rebranding to occur to cater to its worldwide audience.

Sydney, Google’s lead for brand and creative for Android, said that they wanted to maintain their green identity but to make it more accessible, they would have to introduce other colors in it. They ended up adding a bit of blue and that complemented the green they use. They also introduced a light yellow color and a bit of orange.

All these colors have enabled Android to create a bright visual which will be easier for people to see. They also had to consider rebranding its mascot so that they would go well together with a rebranded wordmark. The new mascot is simpler than the previous one as it is now just ahead rather than a full body. This will enable the Android mascot to be more expressive and relatable to its users.

Indeed, Android moved the right piece on the chess game as rebranding will allow it to be the inclusive and accessible global brand it should be.

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