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Users can now open the App Store and subscribe to Apple Arcade. For now, this is for the ones who are running a beta version of iOS 13 or 13.1. According to MacRumors, Apple has been rolling out its new subscription services and are excited for its users to start using the feature.

Not all Apple users can access the Apple Arcade and this because the company wants its subscribers to update to the latest operating system. The new feature needs one to have the macOS Catalina, IOS 13 or tvOS 13. Without someone updating their operating system, then Apple Arcade will be impossible.

Apple has been having sleepless nights trying to come up with a gaming service that is ad-free and that will let you download and play games for a monthly subscription fee. The games will have no advertisements or any in-app purchases.

One someone signs up for a complete gaming subscription, it comes with a one-month free trial. This is a really clever way to capture the customers as people will be able to game for a whole month and will most likely want to continue hence making them pay for the subscription. It could, however, go the other way and the company goes at a loss. Some people will choose to go ahead with the free-month trial thereafter opt not to subscribe to Apple Arcade at all. After the one month is over, users will start to be charged at 4.99 dollars per month.

Apple has made 54 games available so far and has promised its users it will be adding games on a regular basis. When one installs Apple Arcade, one can download a game and play it offline and this is one of the features that many of its users love. The freedom of playing a game without internet connection is refreshing as you can’t always be connected to the internet.

One can also browse the selection of games without subscribing to the app. Each game has its own App Store page with a preview and new icons that show the age rating, the number of players required and even the category.

The tech company is going to officially launch the app on September 18th, 2019. Apple has already made the app available to some of its customers but when the official launch date is reached, even more users will be able to access it. For all the gamers out there, Apple has definitely captured their interests with Apple Arcade.

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