Apple Card, what’s in store.


Everyone in the United States who is a consumer of Apple products was served with a credit card known as the Apple card that is not only high-tech but is also a no-fee credit card. The card which is barely a week old has now joined the Apple bandwagon where all Apple products and services own a twitter account.

For many who do not understand what the Apple card is and what it is about, here is a simple explanation to it. Apple card is basically a credit card that offers daily cash of up to 3 percent. Basically, a consumer of the card will get one percent cashback for all purchases made, and two percent cash back for purchases made through Apple pay and 3% for purchases made through the apple store, iTunes store and Apple services whether online or physical. This card is however restricted to persons under the age of 18 as well as to none US citizens.

In addition, the Apple Card is designed to show you your weekly or monthly totals in the wallet app. It also takes note of your spending patterns and helps you decide whether to change them or uphold the patterns.

The Apple card’s twitter page that goes by the handle @AppleCard has so far only made one tweet promoting the card and calling on users to direct their questions to @AppleSupport. Apple, therefore, has not been clear enough on what part the twitter page will play. It will obviously promote the card and endeavor to market the product through the page but like previous pages owned by various apple products, we have learned that these pages are rarely active.

Currently, Apple is in partnership with Uber for services such as Uber Eats and Uber ride. This only means that in the near future we might be seeing more partnerships with various renowned companies.

It is an exciting journey that the Apple family is undertaking and definitely even more fascinating for the consumers of apple product. The question therefore is, will Apple be able to convince most users to embark on this no-fee credit card? Yes, the deal is good but is it good enough to make consumers want to be part of it? Will the new twitter page do justice to the Apple card? It will only be a matter of time before our questions are answered. For now, all eyes are on the Apple fraternity.

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