The Apple event on Apple TV


Apple’s annual September event at Steve Jobs Theater will be happening next week and there is hearsay on the release of a new Apple TV aside from the expected Apple Watch and a new iPhone.

According to an anonymous Twitter account, @never_realeased, it shared the codename of a new Apple TV which is AppleTV111, 1, or J305AP. This twitter account is deemed as an accurate and reliable source as it has been able to find the codenames of unreleased Apple products before.

The Twitter account did not, however, provide any timeframe on when it will be unveiled exactly. It could be at Apple’s annual event or later on in the year. For now, no one is exactly sure as Apple has not officially announced the new Apple TV.

We are also able to find out from @never_released that the new Apple TV could feature an A12 Bionic system on a chip.. According to MacRumors, it is not clear to the public whether the new Apple TV will have the A12 or A12X chip. This is because the current Apple TV 4K has the same A10X Fusion chip as the 10.5inch and 12.9inch iPad Pro models.

Apple’s gaming subscription service works on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. With the introduction of the A12, this will most definitely benefit the upcoming Apple Arcade gaming service. For an affordable and reasonable monthly fee, one will be able to play games on their iPhone and effortlessly switch to an Apple TV or a Mac.

According to an article by Romain Dillet, it is uncertain whether the new Apple TV will carry more significant and important changes. This is in comparison to the already existing Apple TV. The company could use this opportunity to update the remote control and its functionality.

Apple users are eagerly waiting for the new Apple TV to be released next week at the Apple event. MacRumors highlights that this is highly expected because the device has been updated once every two years for the past three generations of Apple TV. The revised third-generation was Apple TV 2013 in March, the fourth-generation Apple TV 2015 September and Apple TV 4K in September 2017.

Apple is a big company that is always launching something new and exciting and this year, they took it a notch higher with the Apple Watch and new iPhones to be released. The new Apple TV would be an icing at the cake and people are curious to see what features have been added to make the product even better.


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